Patient 360 Virtual Conference- On Demand
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Frequently Asked Questions


When will the Virtual Conference be open?
The Virtual Platform will be available starting May 18, 2023.

Getting Started

Do I need to download any software?
No. The only software you need is an Internet browser. For the best experience, we suggest using a desktop or laptop computer and Google Chrome internet browser.

Which browsers are best for the Patient 360 Conference?
Desktop/Laptop Users:
Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

We do not recommend using Internet Explorer.

Mobile iOS (Apple) Users:

Mobile Android Users:
Google Chrome, Firefox

How do I enable cookies?
This feature is normally enabled on your browser. If you have disabled cookies on your browser, you'll need to turn them back on. Enable cookies in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

How do I enable Javascript?
This feature is normally enabled on your browser. If you have disabled Javascript, you will need to enable it to access the Virtual Platform. Javascript is used to provide interactivity throughout the Virtual Platform. Enable cookies in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.


What technology do I need in order to attend the Patient 360 Virtual Conference?
Below is a quick checklist of items to complete before the Conference to ensure your systems are ready to go!
  • We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer for optimal experience.
  • While you can access the platform by tablet or phone, you may lose some functionality of the platform. Be sure your operating system is updated to the most recent version.
  • If you are using a desktop or laptop, ensure the web browser is updated to the most recent version. We recommend Google Chrome, but Firefox and Microsoft Edge will also work. We do not recommend Internet Explorer.
  • Please do a sound check prior to accessing sessions. To avoid an echo, make sure to join with your mic and speakers disabled. If your computer's internal audio is unclear, sometimes headphones or external microphones will work better.
  • Be sure to close other browser tabs and pause software updates running in the background as this may slow down your processing speed.

Do I need to have a webcam for the Virtual Conference?
While a webcam is not required to attend the Virtual Conference, all attendees have the option to video chat with others. We encourage you to use your webcam to allow for a face-to-face experience with other attendees.


Who will I be able to chat with?
You'll be able to chat with attendees and exhibitors.

Can I invite other people to join a meeting?
Yes, you will be able to add additional attendees from the Patient 360 Conference to a meeting.

Other Questions?

See the Contact page.